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Course introduction and explanation of what we are building.
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Welcome to the Hugo Mini Course made by Jason & Lera!

What are we building?

In this course, we will teach you how to create your very own blog website from scratch!

This course is for absolute beginners and is completely free! (But you can always buy us a coffee if you enjoy the course)

We will go over everything as detailed as possible. Our goal is for you to understand how to create your own blog and customize it as much as you want when you are done the course.

What technologies will we learn?


Hugo is the most important part of this course. It is a tool for generating the actual pages that people will see when they visit your site! We will go into the details of Hugo throughout the course, but if ever you have a question that is not addressed, check out their documentation, it has everything you need to know.


Markdown is the language we will be using to write our blog posts. It’s a very minimal and easy to learn language made specifically for content authors.


HTML will be used for our templates. This is the code that will be used by Hugo to generate the layout of our posts and pages.


CSS is the language we will use for making our site pretty. Without CSS, most pages would look like they are from the early 90’s.

What do I need?

The bare minimum you will need is a computer running Mac, Linux or Windows - and some internet!

But it is also highly recommended to download a text editor made specifically for writing code. We recommend VS Code, an extremely popular text editor from Microsoft - but any code text editor will work fine too.

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