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Deploy your Hugo site to Netlify's cloud servers.
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Netlify offers a free web service for hosting static files like we need, it also provides a nice domain name like [project-name].netlify.app for free!

It is the easiest method for deployment and our preferred method for this course.


Head over to Netlify’s site and signup if you don’t already have an account.

Upload files

Once you have signed up, logged in, and followed the on-boarding steps, head over to your team page and at the bottom of the page there should be a large area that says Want to deploy a new site without connecting to Git? Drag and drop your site folder here.

Find your production build folder called public that we built in the previous section and drag it to this area on the screen.

Netlify will deploy it and give it a random domain name.

Domain name

You can now setup your own domain name by clicking the Domain settings button or Settings button near the top of the screen.

Find the Custom domains section and click the options dropdown button next to your random domain and click Edit site name to give it your own name, then click save and visit your new site using the domain showed.

If everything worked, your site should be live and you can start sending it to your friends!

If you do not want the .netlify.app part in your URL, you can pay for a real domain and set it up by following these docs.

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